NBA Youngboy left the school when he was in 9th grade. His parents were not there and he was raised by his grandmother. At many occasions he has thanked his grandmother for taking his care at difficult times. When he left school he did a robbery and went to juvenile detention for that. It was his time in juvy when he started writing songs. He released his first mixtape in 2015. Its name was Life before Fame.

NBA Youngboy in Jail

For now, NBA Youngboy is away from public. While he was about to perform a concert, he got arrested. It was in Austin, Texas, where he was charged for two second degree murders (an intentional killing that is unplanned). All cases are under investigation for now. He has been accused of firing a gun many times when he was driving. In this difficult time, his friends and fans are continuously supporting him. He often gets active on social networking sites thanking his friends for all of their support saying his friends are his real asset.

Musical Inspiration

NBA Youngboy biography 3
NBA Youngboy is greatly inspired from his friend Lil Dave. He taught many valuable lessons of life to him. Many a times he thanked his friend Lil Dave and his grandmother for the support they give them. His parents were not there and his grandmother was the one who give him everything he needed. He always tells his listener about all this tragedy. Whenever he feels down, he gets motivated thinking of his past.

His music is unique in a sense it is a combination of melodic beats. His songs are a way he express his feelings. In one of his song Life, he expressed pride, pride for how far he came thus far. These lines express him, “Look what I accomplished, I know you see me shining, yeah”. He had come across so much trouble in a small age. Despite all of this, Never Broke Again NBA Youngboy has done much more in this little age. His passion and motivation are excellent.