Raised On TV is an LA based, 3 piece band, deriving from the San Fernando Valley. Their mission: to bring rock to the masses. The formation of the band all started in 2015 when Keaton Rogers (vocals, guitar), Kacey Greenwood (drums), and Ryan Weiss (bass), all decided to join forces and begin their journey in Ryan’s mom’s garage. Keaton and Kacey, who are brothers decided to take on the music scene together when both their previous bands split up. Ryan, who is Kacey’s long time friend and old band mate, also came along for the musical ride, creating what is now know as, Raised On TV.

Keaton and Kacey both come from a very musical family in the industry, helping shape their experience and abilities. Keaton’s guitar skills are often compared to Jimi Hendrix mixed in with 90s influences. With these rock roots at the core of their sound, it is no wonder that their EP, released in 2016, brought some seriously comforting sounds to the kids of the 90s with a new age twist.

Raised on TV’s newest single “Big Sur (Up The Coast),” has a music video release date for September 8th. This song has already been reviewed by many music blogs saying it has an “easy-breezy (and yes, beautiful – what up, cover girl!) mix of alternative, rock and indie,” and that “these gents have perfected the sun-soaked soundtrack to accompany your next Sunday BBQ,” Christopher Gonda of PureGrainAudio.com. The music video is directed by Victoria Greenwood, sister to both Keaton and Kacey of the band. “We had a very specific plan for this video,” says Greenwood. “I wanted to make sure we got in the humor of the guys and pay homage to bands like Blink 182 and The Beatles with certain cinematic tricks while taking a wild ride (literally) with Raised On TV,” she continued. This is the first music video she has directed but added onto to the list of short films and other projects she has taken on.

Raised On TV is on their current tour, playing local in Los Angeles at The Mint, on September 12.


Directed by Victoria Greenwood
Director of Photography Steven A. Soria
Production Assistant Meddie Younus
Cast: Bikini lady played by Matt Ukena

The song was recorded at The Cave Studios with Josiah Mazzaschi as part of the album “Season 1” which will be released on 10/20/17.